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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lupe, STAT, The Juice and more

Where's P-Mac will get to some original content in the very near future, perhaps too original of material...In the mean time, enjoy the following.

• First order of business, I need to fire my editor for letting me slip and not put Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool" on my list of albums to look out for. I'm going to don my ombudsman fitted, announcing that Where's P-Mac formally regrets the error and I will strive to never let it happen again...yada, yada, yada.

Lupe's freshman debut of "Food & Liquor" was tied for my favorite album of '06 with The Roots' "Game Theory." This Halloween Lupe will release his second album, "The Cool" which according to the following, stolen from an always-trustworthy message board, will expand on the same-named track from his first cd.
It is speculated that the album shares the title of a song already released on Food & Liquor in order to further explore the character about which the song was written.

"People are gonna see it and be like, 'Wow, ain't that the dude from this song?' I'm building concepts now for the album," he continued. "I got the title, and I work top down. ... This album is gonna be a bit more streamlined and a little bit more focused, I guess you could say...Not a concept album," he noted. "But I been wrestling with how to make the concept about what I want to make the album about fit but still have enough room where it's just not a full-on story about somebody else. Where you still get all the - what I think are - necessary ingredients to do a good, good album."
Thank God for Lupe Fiasco. I could go on some blogtastic rant about how hip hop is dead and artists only make ringtones and don't care about making full albums. But fuck it, I like Hurricane Chris. Even though I didn't know black people were back to being down with hurricanes.

Here are two singles from "The Cool." Forgive me for having concert clips only but apparently Lupe is on his extra grind to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Superstar feat. Matthew Santos (the same guy from Lupe's "American Terrorist")

Wherever I go

• Second, props to Paola Boivin of The Arizona Republic for this g'd up article on Amaré Stoudemire, who apparently has been spending his summer playing pick-up futbol games with Spanish-speaking players at Mesa Community College and taking Pilates courses at ASU. I can't stress it enough, read that article.

STAT also announced that he wants P.J. Brown to play alongside him next year. The same thing Stephon Marbury wanted years ago. If I ever own an NBA team, Steph will be the first person I interview for the GM position.

• I'm just going quote blog Kissing Suzy Kolber from this blog of glory.

You've got OJ Simpson in a video game. Fair enough.

You make OJ the star player on a team called The Assassins. Pretty Questionable.

Your mascot for the Assassins is a giant, hooded, knife-wielding maniac who celebrates touchdowns with a stabbing motion? Bellissimo!

• People from Ohio are just silly. 400 hours well spent.

• It could consume your day, but don't sleep on Gizmodo for things like this: ties, boobs and iPhone madness.

SLAM's Lang Whitaker pointed out that while Boston my have a KG, Jesus Shuttlesworth, and Paul Pierce, they may have the worst 4 through 12 roster in the league. Case in point Rajon Rondo:

There were only two players left in the gym: Rondo and Doc Rivers’s eighth-grade son, Austin. Rondo, his shirt off, had assistant coach Kevin Eastman feed him the ball for 100 jumpers.

With nobody guarding him, Rondo hit 52 of them.

Minutes later, Doc’s son duplicated the drill — only he knocked down 70.

• I hope this bridge-collapsing nonsense is just a lame fad.

• Finally, I never thought I would say this about my favorite thing in life, but Entourage sucks. Mark Wahlberg if you're reading this...well if you're reading this little blog, that could be the problem...what the fuck is going on? The past two episodes have been miserable and this Sunday's looks equally bad. What happened to Medellín? Where the fuck is Billy Walsh? More importantly what the fuck happened to the plot? Come back to me Entourage.