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Friday, September 14, 2007

Reason # 12,104 to love Oregon

The Oregon Donald Duck mascot is suspended for Saturday's game after keeping it way too real. In the Sept. 1 opener against Houston, Donald beat the shit out of Houston's mascot, Shasta. Please note the people's elbow, the tea-bagging, the brushing of the shoulders, and the nonverbal "Now What?! Motherfucker!" implemented by Donald. Gully as hell.

Props to Roman Veytsman for getting in touch with his inner Diddy after college. Because really what else are you going to do with a journalism major?

Also props to me for two consecutive posts celebrating Pac-10 colleges I don't attend. Wait, I think I'll give UA a little shine with my final sample of Where's P-Mac the comic. This one is the most WPM-ish of them all (click to enlarge).