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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A very trill day

Today Where's P-Mac takes a break from hoops and normal WPM shit to present the lamest kind of blogging, blogging about your day.

Outside of the University of Arizona I could easily count the things I like about Tucson on one hand. Bookmans, a used book store, is one of those few things.

The last time I went to Bookmans I was set on going to law school and I purchased the The Princeton Review's LSAT prep book.

I read 100 pages of the book before I put it down on my shelf where it still sits and collects dust under a Ron Artest cd.

For the time being I have abandoned the law school idea and I currently have no clue where I will be next year or what I will be doing. Today's Bookmans dilemma was much more serious than any life plans though.

I stood in front of the glass display case with my fixed college budget and had to make one of the toughest decisions of my life.

Do I buy Wave Race 64 or Pilot Wings 64? At $8 a piece, buying both was pretty much out of the question.

I settled on Pilot Wings because the hippy dude who helped me out said it was "pretty fuckin' cool."

Before I hit the register I stumbled upon dope toy figurines. I hoped they had a Chicago Bulls one before I found the Dennis Rodmans.

$2.50 a piece, I don't have a choice. It's Dennis fucking Rodman with two differently dyed domes. If someone told me that same $5 dollars could feed 800 kids in Africa, I still would have bought the Rodmans. Again it's The Worm (I couldn't find a YouTube clip of him kicking a camera man in the groin or head-butting the ref).

As I went to purchase two Rodman figurines and the Pilot Wings game the weird dude ringing me up said, "Pilot Wings, that's a gangsta-ass game. Or as I like to say that game is gizzy."

This is why I support Bookmans. If you are ever unsure if you are buying the right N64 game, the Bookmans cashier is there to reassure you.

"Yeah I'm trying to make the most real-ass purchase of all time," I responded to the cashier.

"That is definitely a real-ass purchase," the Hispanic chick with crazy tattoos, who may or may not work at Bookmans, said.

Pilot Wings and two Rodman figurines for $13, that's a very trill purchase.

All this praise for BOOKmans and I'm not even talking about their books, which fill the massive store. The store also sells used magazines, cds, electronics, pretty much everything you need.

One day I hope to have enough time and discipline to read half the books I need to read before I die and I hope I can buy those books from Bookmans.

You are probably saying, "Wow, that is a trill experience, but would you say this is your trillest Bookmans experience ever?"

No. My trillest Bookmans experience ever occurred when I was visited my uncle and aunt in Tuscon with my family when I was about 12. I bought a used copy of Puff Daddy and the Family's "No Way Out."

To which my uncle promptly asked me "What did you buy that shvarzer crap for?"

To add to the trillness of the day, I made my first CraigsList transaction as I bought this fine elk art. I needed some art for the common area of my apartment and the elk seemed pretty cool in the same way Bret McKenzie's sweaters are cool.
Completely unrelated to the above is the best interview ever.


Anonymous said...

We love that you love Bookmans. In fact, we'd like to give you a gift certificate to go back and get the stuff you wanted. Contact me at wendyw@bookmans.com and we'll make it happen.