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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Salads and no more madness

So I get a shout-out in SLAM's online newsletter and what I do? Blog more stupidly. Seriously, getting a little love from SLAM online was the crowning moment of my journalism career, unfortunately mad school work and real work (blogging never paid the bills and I can barely remember the days when it filled kegs) have got in the way of any semi-regular posting.

Truth be told I'm not even sure the point of this post. Can I really base a post on Nic Wise falling in love with Caesar salads?

How about making a post about Lute Olson taking away Midnight...err 7-o'clock Madness. I understand how a true midnight practice could hurt the next day's practice, but is a bullshit dunk contest and even more bullshit scrimmage at 7 p.m. really gonna hurt the next morning's practice that bad? Probably not any more than these activities.
I only went to two, but my favorite Midnight Madness moment was when one of the women's players, Suzy Bofia I believe, tried to get in on the dunk contest. She barely got one with one hand and the women's team went nuts. Then she went up for another, missed, fell and crashed on her side. Hard. Quieted the whole crowd, except those who were trying to fight back laughter. For better or worse, she ended up being OK. It is still one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed and I would kill for a YouTube clip of it. One day I'll put up a random list of Suzy Bofia rumors, for being a no-name Cameroon basketball player, the broad has some crazy rumors about her.

While I'm on the note of women's hoops. Props to my Phoenix Mercury for winning it all.

There's no need to blog about the football team as they getting murdered in the papers (Greg Hansen killed them after the New Mexico loss) and on the message boards.

Marcus barely has a chance at the NBA. Hassan isn't doing much better.

There really isn't much more out there. Basketball season needs to start ASAP, it's getting ridiculous to the point where I had a dream that I got a D.U.I., but I was excited because I was with Gabe Pruitt and I'm not even a Gabe Pruitt fan.


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Max Airington said...

I should probably sign up for that newsletter.