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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Algos fotos

Quick hits:

--First the old weird man that lives here just told me, "I'm going to watch my fights on the TV at 10 and if you want to watch something else I'll arm wrestle you."

--I knew there had to be some crazy shit about the kid living here who studied three years at Oxford and a year at Princeton, turns out he came down here to study Spanish five weeks ago and he already speaks it as well, if not better than I do. I've been studying Spanish for nine years and it only took him five weeks to get where I'm at.

--I forgot to take a picture but the level of advertising for Wall E is mind blowing. I understand major corporations tapping into the South American market, but the level of advertising for a movie that will be in theaters for a couple of months is crazy.

I want to meet the person behind Disney/Pixar's marketing team who said, "Hey how about we put a picture of Wall E on every subway ticket in Buenos Aires." I need to start thinking this hard.

--If you're ever in Buenos Aires, don't eat the pizza at the shop that's about 4 blocks southeast (I think, I'm still on the lookout for north) of my apartment. It ruined half my day.

And now a ton of photos:

First a shot-out to my boys back in the trap, I ain't forgot bout y'all (c) T.I.
This is a terrible picture of I took of Puente de Mujer. It was great because after my amazing day of walking the river I went out the next day to try and capture some of it with my camera, except the weather was such shit that it ruined most of the pics.
This is Rucker Park-esque football field I wrote about other day
This is just a decent action shot
I wish I took this dope HDR photo, but I had to rerun it just to show you sick pirate ship I went on the other day. It's not really a pirate ship as it's called the Fragata A.R.A. Presidente Sarmiento and it's now a permanent museum. The great thing is that it's free to tour (at least I'm 95% sure it is as I just walked on) and you can explore every part of the ship. It was really weird as there were no tour guides or officials, just people wandering through every cavity of the ship. I took a ton of pics, but most of them suck.
Yes I went on a historic Argentine war vessel and the only two pictures that I'm going to run is this one of a stuffed dead dog, which if my understanding is right died in 1935...
and this picture of a T.G.I. Fridays which was on the land in front of the ship. I only took this photo in hope that one day I can meet someone who will say, "My dream photo is a kinda blurry photo of a mediocre American restaurant franchise that I shot off a historic Argentine ship." Then I can smirk at them and say I already did that, then back peddle away like Gilbert Arenas.
Finally here's a peak at my new room
...And here's the other half of my room.

Re-Finally, here's a hilarious YouTube video I stole off Jeff Staple's blog. I have seen shit like this before and I can't imagine how much time and effort someone wastes to make these weird music videos, but this one may have been worth the hours of editing Sesame Street clips.


bluepoint fired nathan said...

the ante up sesame street could be the best thing i have ever seen, it is as good as sesame tuna.

Chocolate Reign said...

Good god i love that video. all it needs is a squirrel covered in chocolate

Justin Adler said...

I've watched the video probably 8 times now and I crack up every time Bert is angrily rapping into the drum.

Be on the lookout for tomorrow's blog se llama: "Rage in the cage"