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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tomorrow I'll throw down a more comprehensive blog that will chalked full of WPM details of the week. In the mean time I'm going to throw down a few photos and links and hit the night.

--I once knew a kid who claimed Entourage was his favorite thing in life. He even wrote some silly shit for his school paper declaring the aforementioned fact. Now he looks like a dumb ass as the show has litterally evolved into a giant beer commercial. Season 5 trailer...A beer commercial... Can you tell the difference.

--And would you look at this, the same dumbass who loved Entourage, picked the D-Rays to win the Series last year. Prophetic. Now everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.

--This is reason 5,425 why I love Redman. Tar, you know if we found this shit during the semester we would have turned this into an article.

--I went running the other day and I thought the smog in Buenos Aires was bad... Beijing is killing it though.

--Zune post of the day.

--Link that Hallisey sent me of the day. Bears stuck in plastic bottle.

Some random, semi-worthless pics:

I just screen grabbed this off nba.com. I'm so happy the fan of the year was a robot.

The Wall-E subte passes I said I'd post a picture of a while ago:

Nike shop in SoHo:
Some beats on the street:


Tyler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tyler said...

I think the fact that wall E is everywhere further proves my actions of trying to swamp SJ wall With Wall E esque theme. I too must make it to Buenos Aires and meet ED.... I would hate though to be just another N***** in his eyes.

blackbeard said...

im surprised you openly admitted to that entourage bungle. i never called you out on it since i live by the rule that every guy is entitled to saying one stupid thing in his life, and then it being dropped then and there. such as a forbidden love with a pirate in a high school physics class. btw my fb gifts are my favorite gifts