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Monday, July 21, 2008

Matt Barnes

Even though the Suns are probably my fifth favorite team in the NBA, I'm fucking excited to have Matt Barnes on the team, provided they don't drug test in his physical.

Matt Barnes is one of my favorite players for several reasons: all his tattoos, his dunk on dirk, the time he crowd surfed after the upset of the Mavs and mainly because he is Matt Barnes.

Andy, Gould, Tarny, I'm upset with you all for not bringing to my attention the second this became public last night.

If we can now just trade Nash for Marbury I'll be a die-hard Suns fan.


Mr. Sigler said...

Sorry J. However some guy posted on azcentral a few proposed trades as follows: nash and Boris for Iverson.
Barbs for Javaris Crittenton

i feel this would be great stuff.

PS i hope you saw the wnba brawl with some random coach pushng over lisa leslie for no reason