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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I graduated college today.

Three weeks have passed since I officially dropped out of school. Three weeks in which I have done nothing but explore Buenos Aires and plan my backpacking excursions.

I woke up this morning actually feeling a little down, wondering what the hell I was doing with my life.

I then went about my usual routine - aimlessly walk around the city for hours, get home, kick my shoes off and check my G-mail.

And then my day, month, and year were made by my University of Arizona journalism adviser's e-mail.

"I pulled your SAPR and from all I can see you are completely finished with all of your requirements for graduation. You have 120 total units, 42 Upper Division Units, as well as all Gen Ed, Pre-major, Major and Minor courses completed. We don't even need your study abroad credit to apply to the total...you are done! If you can, run a SAPR and see for yourself."

Jesus Christ. Just a few weeks ago I dropped out of school, since then I have done nothing and now they want to give me a degree.

I didn't how to react, so I began doing the Chris Tucker dance from Rush Hour before hugging my favorite Guatemalan and Colombian.

Then I thought maybe I should check the SAPR myself. Green OKs as far as the eye could see. All requirements met.

What the hell does all this mean?

Well first and foremost I'd like to formally invite you all to my graduation party in Buenos Aires which goes from today through October 15. Then the party will move to Patagonia for two months. Feel free to bring your friends.

My second dilemma is best expressed through a P. Diddy verse from "Victory," where Diddy yells, "It's all fucked up now! What I'm a do now?! Huh?!"

The plan was to return to Tucson in January and live one last great college semester partying with my closest friends in a city I had just recently grown to love.

Now I have no clue what the hell I'm going to do.

Yesterday I spent the evening drinking with a friend from Sweden who told me Norway has a burgeoning job market. So currently I'm listening to "Norwegian Wood" (which I don't think has anything to do with Norway), Wikipedia-ing Oslo and thinking it sounds about right for me.

Of course I'd love to move to Brooklyn, there's always the great American Northwest and I've been big on Toronto since Bryan Colangelo took over the Raptors four years ago.

I obviously don't have the slightest clue of what is going to happen come January.

All I can do is pass along the advice to those of you still working on your undergrad; move to South America and drop out, the rest will work itself out.


ari said...


Prof. Skroo Eise said...

Yo, you got an alma mater now

Owen said...

Tucson Beer Festival this weekend. We could have celebrated.

Spencer said...

j, i wish i could have been there when you found out.

spencer said...

you should probably start making sure you havent wont the lotto or an emmy. i hear nobel peace prizes can creep up on you too.

Jay Rochlin said...

Can't help but to be an over-achiever. Wow! And, does this mean you're off your parents' payroll?


kidAlaura said...

you never cease to amaze me with your sheer hard work and determination. congrats, welcome to the real world.

Wade Chimerofsky said...

Congrats from big marvelous!
I can't believe you are done with college and I'm still in high school. You should definetly travel the world. Or Oslo. Or wherever you go. However, I still think New York is the place for you. It's a journalist's dream city. Who knows, maybe Sweden is the place for you.
Good luck with whatever you decide.