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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pictures of the silly variety

While I was taking a nap on the Monumento Nacional a la Bandera in Rosario, Laura decided it to take a picture of her stabbing me. It's now on Facebook with the caption "Muerte al Yankee," which I find funny, but not as funny as a Colombian wearing a Juan Valdez sweatshirt.

I'm not sure how much this blog might help somebody traveling Argentina, but now I can at least recomend people a good restaurant in Rosario, Argentina to watch Florida Panthers games. I forgot the name but it's on la calle de Entre Rios somewhere.

Here is the hotel Jonathan and I stayed at in Rosario, which is right next to the Florida Panthers hockey restaurant.

There are a lot of stray dogs every where in Argentina, but this one was my favorite. Every time I saw him in Rosario I chuckled just because I like the concept of somebody putting a t-shirt on a stray dog. It was just hilarious to see a stray dog with a shirt on, I wonder if he feels superior to other strays because of his shirt or if maybe he is ostracized by the stray community because of it. I had so many questions for this dog.

This is my favorite magazine in Argentina.

This photo illustration was in a Cordoba newspaper after Phelps won his 8th gold medal. It's really just brilliant.

This sign is on every bus in the city. I understand the first three symbols, but I have no clue what the fourth means. Seats reserved for people carrying prosthetic legs? Seats reserved for people carrying odd-shaped fishing rods? If you have an idea, leave it in the comments.

Sometimes I wear silly glasses.

This picture came from a wall in a hostel in Cordoba.

This picture came from the same room.

This is a picture of the Winning Eleven club that is at the end of my street. I meant to run this story a month ago, but I walked under the sign for weeks before some kids pointed it out to me. I actually went up to the club once where they had six televisions and a bunch of PS2s to play WL. It's basically just a sick WL loft in the middle of Palermo.

This is a photo from the San Telmo market of some guy doing some weird shit to some woman. It's really not a good photo and I have no idea why I'm running it on my blog.

Every Sunday when I go to Plaza Francia to hang out with hippie in Buenos Aires I always look at the slack lines and say "I've never seen slack-lining like this before," in the same way that Sway says "I have never seen stepping like this before" in Stomp the Yard. And nobody ever gets it.

Seriously every week the slack-lining gets more intense. Last week they raised the slack line to 12-ish feet. Then after an hour of setting it up, everybody pussed out and nobody did it.


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a person holding a cane?

i miss you!

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