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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A good amount of information

-- Obviously speaking Spanish has been pretty helpful since I have been living a Spanish-speaking country. But my bilingual skills have never been as handy as they were today when I watched "Más Rápido, Más Furioso." Granted you could probably watch "2 Fast, 2 Furious" as a silent film and get the gist of what's going on, but hearing Paul Walker, Tyrese and Ludacris all dubbed over made the movie even more enjoyable, if that is possible.

-- My Colombian roommate never ceases to amaze me, today she told me she loves "Fast and Furious" and it's sequel (she's never seen Tokyo Drift, but I'll take two out of three). Then she dropped, "Me encanta Ludacris, pero me gusta DMX m
ás. (I love Ludacris, but I like DMX more)." Before proceeding to tell me that she used to have DMX shoes because she liked him that much. I confirmed that she owned a pair of Reeboks that said "DMX," but I couldn't break her heart and let her know that the "DMX" was referring to a Reebok cushioning technology and not the Ruff-Ryding rapper.

-- While I'm on the subject of non-Yanks who love DMX, I should mention my Dutch roommate Menno, who also loves X and once tested my knowledge by making me name every movie with DMX in it.

In perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life, I was only able to name three of the nine movies in DMX's filmography. I took some of the responsibility for my ignorance, but passed off most of the blame to America's shitty public school system.

-- Thank God that I'm retired and not going to be entering the American job market any time soon. Judging from a few Argentine newspapers and a few more American papers, the American economy ain't doing so hot. I would be freaking out right now, if say I were a journalism major/Spanish minor who plans on graduating in May with no solid options lined up. Thank God I don't know anybody like that.

-- The other day while on one of my leisurely strolls, I came across a massive protest that stretched for at least eight blocks. I thought nothing of it as usual and walked through the chanting Bolivians to get to my bus stop on the other side of the street.

Then I got home and learned that hundreds of Bolivians were protesting the United States and they were going to the U.S. Embassy to protest the damn Yanquis trying to now take Bolivia's oil. Bolivia also recently kicked out their U.S. ambassador and is now siding with Hugo Chavez & Co. on the Fuck the U.S. movement.

This was all pretty nuts, because until I learned about Bolivia's hate for my people, I planned on going there to head up to Machu Picchu in Peru. Now that plan is scratched.

-- Quick TV review (sans spoilers):

---- Weeds season four finale: pretty solid, didn't like the ending scene, not as good as recent season finales, but still good. I'm still pissed at Weeds for stealing two of my ideas. Season three had Shane obsessed with Pittsburgh, which was a direct rip off of my obsession with Portland that I've had for over four years.

Second, Andy's whole good-coyote thing. I had the idea of being a non-profit, friendly coyote years ago. Ask Seth Janiga.

---- Entourage season five: Ehh. It's Entourage-y. Not great, but better than the bullshit from season four. I've now matured to the point where I realize Entourage is a terribly retarded show, but I still love it. A lot.

That being said, Greg Hendersol is a genius.

See more Paul Scheer videos at Funny or Die

-- And I would have never found the video above if it weren't for Aziz Ansari's blog, which updates often and is hilarious.

I love Aziz for all the same reasons people love small Indie bands, nobody knows who he is, I really enjoy and can connect to his work and I think mentioning that I'm a fan will somehow get me pussy.

Do yourself a favor and watch this and this, then scroll the rest of Human Giant's YouTube videos (warning: some suck) and then search for Aziz's stand-up.

-- And while I'm pushing blogs, check out Jay Rochlin's blog. Jay is a journalism professor at the University of Arizona, he's 58, has his Masters and Ph.D and is now taking an intermediate algebra class at Pima Community College; while blogging the experience.

This is why I love blogs. When I went to a community college I always wondered what the hell the 50-year-old was doing in the class, now I can figure out what the hell this 58-year-old is doing in a
class that as Jay notes, "We all should have mastered during out sophomore years in high school."

If you actually read and enjoy his blog, drop him a comment and tell him Where's P-Mac sent you.

-- I enjoy taking a blog hiatus as much as the next blogger, but Roman, come on now, update The Empire.

-- If you haven't noticed the side links, I try to follow all my friends' blogs. If I am somehow missing your blog, let me know (bullshit blogs for class don't count).

Random shit I've been meaning to post for too long now...

-- Fabian Espindola is now my favorite Argentine football player ever.

-- Train burning is now my favorite Argentine pastime.

-- Just when you think UA sports can't get any lamer... They have David Hasselhoff videos all over Deadspin and WithLeather.

-- There's nothing triller in life than the LHC. Nothing.

-- Number 8 on this list is pretty inspiring.

-- Finally, this is from forever ago, but it's just epic.


kidAlaura said...

this is random, but when i went to that music festival in washington at the gorge(sasquatch, and yes i drove through and had lunch on hawthorne in portland), but the festival was supposed to be "hosted" by sarah silverman but her dumbass was too sick to "host/do her lame fucking bullshit excuse of comedy" so aziz ansari filled in. anyway, at one point, since i was with all those younger stoners i used to hang with, i was the only one getting booze. i'm in line and i hear aziz's voice in front of me in line.

i looked around. no one noticed him or said anything to him. i wasn't really nervous(skrill/drink?) so i go. "aziz?" and he goes "what's up?" and i said, "just getting beer." and he goes, "samesies." and then walked away.

he's legit.

Justin Adler said...


You're entertaining anecdote makes up for your comment double post fiasco from yesterday. Thank you for sharing.

Do you know how Ashley Barrett is by the way? She's the only thing I miss about America.


x_gon_give_it_to_ya said...


fantastic post other than making me have to go searching for a visual of said celebration, heres so other readers dont have to endure the same. and dont worry about jobs, we need someone to report about the downfall of the american economy

kidAlaura said...

Sorry about the double-post mess. Whoopsies.

Anyway, I am making my first trip to Tucson since I moved to Phoenix this weekend. I will try and see if anyone knows anything about the love of your life, but I can't make any promises.

I miss you Adler. But my wherespmac addiction is growing stronger by the minute. Can't wait for wherespmac party part II. If you ever come back.

Anonymous said...

my dad likes rollerblading

fixed_gear_lifestyle said...

my roommate's dad's partner loves rollerblading

Jay Rochlin said...

Thanks for the plug. I had my second math class and will write about it tomorrow and my invitation to submit a book proposal to a publisher who would like to publish a Math for Journalists book.

Your backpacking adventure instead of boring classroom adventure sounds great. I with wiht a 47 year old doctor who quite his practice, bought a motorcycle, and plans to really do Che - travel around South America with his Dr.'s kit and volunteer at rural clinics.

Keep blogging.