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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pictures of the quality variety

This is a collection of the nicer pictures I have taken over the last couple of weeks, as always click for full-size images.

Above and below: Puente Mujer... Check the Wikipedia of bridge architect Santiago Calatrava, the man is God.

This is the bench where I read books from time to time.

This shot was taken from the top of the Monumento Nacional de la Bandera in Rosario.

Some chuch in Rosario.

A biker/pastry seller in Rosario.

Some Rosarino graffiti.

Me, myself and I. My main boy Jonathan had the idea for and took this photo, I also have to credit him for the Palermo night sky picture that's atop this post.


Brandon Schoeneck said...

How high do those steps go? If I were you I would run up to the top and shadowbox in triumph like Rocky. And if a bunch of Argentinian kids followed you the whole way up that would be even more dope.