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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mezcla de mierda

Here's a bunch of random notes I've been hanging on to for the past two weeks...

-- Since I have been in Buenos Aires I've latched on to the study abroad program that Matt and Erasmo belong to. I feel like that kid who is not really in the frat, but somehow is at every party.

A couple weeks ago I finally met their cultural coordinator Valentina, who may have one of the greatest jobs in the world. Her job consists of finding interesting activities in the city and getting all the kids to come along, which seems simple enough, until you realize she invites all her friends which always throws off the plans.

She told her program to meet her at the planetarium. She ended up showing up an hour late and all we eventually didn't make it to the planetarium because we lost track of time while sitting in a circle in the park playing guitar and drinking mate.

Valentina is also ridiculously cute and when I first met her she was wearing a Calgary Flames t-shirt. I'm a huge sucker for girls wearing obscure sports apparrel and I think now is the time in the blog when I should present my list of the three hottest girls I have seen in real life.

3. The girl who once came into my former employer Blue Point wearing a
Miikka Kiprusoff jersey.

2. Valentina in her Calgary Flames t-shirt.

1. The nutso cute blonde girl in my freshman TRAD 101 class who wore a Marquis Daniels Nike swingman shirt.

Total words exchanged with all three girls: less than 20.

-- Last time I went to my Art through Science and technology course, the teacher brought up 9/11 being a conspiracy. Still nobody said anything, which kept his record intact of six straight weeks of no class participation.

-- I've been adjusting my "Fast & Furious" quotes to my surroundings. Now I normally say, "I live my life a quarter-kilometer at a time."

-- My roommates were watching some MTV award show and I almost lost my mind. I began ranting about how MTV was destroying America's youth and how all their celebrities are famous for no reason. Then as I was entering the third minute of my rant and discussing how MTV is worse for children than hardcore pornography, T.I. came on the screen.

I then told everyone to be quiet so I could pay attention to T.I.

T.I. talked for two minutes and from my count said four proper English words. The rest of the time he was mumbling southern swang about his stuntastic red velvet coat.

Then I left the room because I didn't have the necessary energy to argue that T.I. was better than anyone else on MTV.

-- I'd like to see the New York Times online reader patterns and find out if I'm the only one who read Thomas Friedman's newest op-ed, then read the full review of T.I.'s last concert.

-- I have no idea what the picture at the top of the post has to do with anything, but I love it.

-- Here's when I realized that maybe I'm getting into this retirement thing too much:

My brother: "Do you work out a lot?"

Me: "No, but I do a lot of walking."

-- I'll keep him anonymous, but one of my friends once said "Everything every man does on Facebook is just an attempt to get laid."

My Facebook religious views read: "Sonny Vaccaro," which I meant to be a subtle diss at UA basketball fans, a complex statement on my thoughts on religion and an even more complex attempt at getting laid.

I can probably count on one hand the number of my Facebook friends who know who Sonny is, but somehow, some way this transpired.

1 new friend request -- from Lila Iglesias (Argentina networkd) -- no friends in common -- little on her info -- I still accept -- I compose message:


como me conoces? Estoy muy curiouso.



I receive message:

Hola! No te conozco, puse Sonny Vaccaro y apareciste! Entonces te agregué




I reply:


Esto es muy loco, estas una afficionada de Sonny Vacaro.

Como conoces Sonny Vaccaro? Ahora tengo mucho curiosidad porque nadie conoce Sonny Vaccaro.




Cómo que nadie lo conoce?? Si es un genio!!


(I call my friend Dustin to confirm this isn't an elaborate hoax)


Estamos hablando sobre el mismo Sonny Vaccaro de EeUu quien trabaja en el mundo de basket? Estas una gran affcionada de basket? Como conoces Sonny Vaccaro, este es re, re loco.


Sisí, mi papá mira mucho basket, entonces desde que soy chiquita miro con él! Él es un fanático y me está convirtiendo, jajaa
¿Estás viviendo en Argentina?


After a few more conversations, I learn she lives in some small town outside of Buenos Aires, maybe I'll run into her on my Argentine travels. I figure best case scenario: we talk about basketball, fornicate, maybe get married and get Sonny as the best man.

Worst case scenario: It's Dustin's most amazing prank ever and I don't live this down until I die.

-- Speaking of Sonny... I'll leave you with these two articles so you can remind yourself yet again that Brandon Jennings is infinitely cooler than you will ever be.

Family keeps teenage pro grounded

Plotting new path to NBA, via Europe


Tyler said...

I think you need find that girl and marry her. If you do not your crazy. And i never thought of that everything you do on face book is atempt to get you laid, but you need to comfirm that fact and sleep with this girl. bring her a pair of Jordan I instead of flowers she will love it.

crystal_sethamphetamine said...

im still waiting for that special woman who can name what university buster bluth took a dance class at as well as succinctly describe the second law of thermodynamics to me.

El vengador said...

Hey, dude. Everyone knows who John Paul Vaccaro is.