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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Begining tonight I leave on my epic journey through Argentina.

Honestly I am pretty fucking nervous, but hopefully everything will work out.

If I do die, three half-written WPM posts will automatically publish randomly in 2009. Then hopefully other bloggers can sample my blogs in some Pac-esque like manner.

While I am gone I will miss three key dates. The two-year anniversary of WPM, which is some time in November, the leak of The Blueprint 3 (please do not e-mail me anything about this album until I get back), and most importantly, the epic December 11 match-up of Brandon Jennings versus Ricky Rubio (please e-mail me every related article and video you kind find about the game).

I have no idea how often I wil update the blog, time will tell.

In the mean time I guess all we can do is hope Paul McPherson starts a blog called "Where´s Justin Adler?"


Dustin said...

Doesn't something else happen on the eleventh of December?

-Deuce Deuce

Tyler said...


Tyler said...

.....I wonder where he is now?

EMILIANO said...

Why u r sayin you will die in Argentina?? It´s a very good country. I liv in the city McP is playin. He´s a spectacular player, evrybody is happy here with his game.


Anonymous said...

Emiliano Estevez