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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

¨Make sure it´s not wack¨

I am about two weeks into my travels.

Some places have been very nice.

Some places have been very lame.

The only reason of this post is to let you know there will not be any more posts until late December or early January when I drop a string of posts that will make up a book of my travels.

In the mean time I´m going to keep traveling, keep exploring and continue to heed Dame Dash´s advice as I document my journey.



Jay Rochlin said...

Enjoy the adventure. I look forward to hearing about what happened when you drop back in. Tell us about what Thanksgiving is like in South America. How about Hanukah? Enjoy.


The Epic Return said...

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Rochlin one of the most legit human beings of all time.... but Thanksgiving is a pilgrims Indian holiday....I don't believe they celebrate it in any other country...

Mark Eaton said...

Honestly dude I don't give a shit about your travels, is there gunna be a new bullshit rap video of the week soon?

kidAlaura said...

come back already

speaking of, you're moving to phoenix? haha.

Anonymous said...

this blog is so roommate

have you guys been reading the new joseph blair chronicles?

they're so dope!