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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Above, in an effort to relate everything back to rap music in one way or another, there's the king of ARG.

Below, some funky art studio.

I like this picture because I didn't even know somebody took it. Note: Laura doesn't normally dress like this, it was part of some weird family room photo shoot that was going on.

This is a photo of me dancing after I found out I graduated.

Here's the twin towers of Palermo.

A train, some trash and some clouds.

I hate the way the bitch in the purple sweater killed this photo. I supposed I could have waited 30 seconds for her to cross the street and get out of the photo, but instead I will just forever hate her. This door was my landmark to get off the bus. It's near the 93-stop two blocks from my house. Seeing as how this is two blocks from my house, I suppose I could go retake the picture, but instead I'll just continue hate that random woman.

A dope frame shop near my place. When I was taking these pictures the employee was playing a very polyphonic cell phone version of Usher's "Yeah." That made me happy.

This is Ateneo, what I've been told is the biggest bookstore in South America. I don't believe it. It was still pretty cool and quite relaxing to just listen to Sinatra and read some books.

So relaxing that the guy next to me fell asleep for 45 minutes.

I like this building.

I like this graffiti.