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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Sorry for the lack of blogs as of late, I've just been too busy enjoying my last week in Buenos Aires.

This coming Tuesday is opening night of the Justin Adler versus Argentina two-month showdown.

I'll expand more on the match-up later, but right now I need your help coming up with some radical ideas for my excursion.

I met this guy the other day who already raised the bar by taking a 50-hour cargo boat ride from Iguazu to Paraguay just so he could try to find the only Hezbollah/Al-Queda training ground in the western hemisphere. The rest of his story is pretty nuts as it included the line, "Would you feel better or worse about yourself if you were buying weed from a mother in front of her two children?"

He also just graduated NYU Law and is only here to enjoy the last free time he'll have before he starts working 80-hour weeks.

Keep in mind I'm rolling on a very limited budget and I will be staying Argentina/Chile the entire time because I don't have the money to buy visas to all the other countries.

My tentative ideas:

-- Completely abandon the concept of time. No cell phones. No watches. If I need to catch a bus, I can just buy the ticket then and there and take it to my next destination.

-- I am going to remove myself from all news media. Instead of waking up every day and reading a few newspapers, I plan on practicing Zen and meditating to start every day.

-- Try to completely remove myself from all familiar elements and only eat food I have never ate before and try to forget the English language.

Please shoot me any more ideas you have by Tuesday morning as I will have limited to no internet access after that.


crunk said...

keep some kind of journal and make sure you right in it every day.

grammar police said...

actually you should left in it

Anonymous said...

crunk is a retard and grammar police is a nerd.

Anonymous said...

i hate everything about this because that means fewer posts...

big l said...

good luck justin, safe travels, definitely journalize it. one love. live life as if jeezy or gorilla zoe would down there.

Jay Rochlin said...


Jay Rochlin said...