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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AI, Watermelons & Toothpaste


My brother and I recently went to Naples, Italy. It was hot. The city was gross. The pizza was amazing. Here's an even quicker photo summary of my trip. 

I didn't really enjoy Pompeii, but it was worth it just to see this guy wear a goofy Iverson jersey. 

I don't like watermelons, but I imagine this little girl dislikes them more than me. 

One night we came back to the apartment we were renting and there was a lanky African dressed in only his boxer briefs eating pasta at the dining room table. Apparently he lived in one of the bedrooms that we weren't renting. 

We introduced ourselves to Ali through a mixture of English, Italian, and Spanish that didn't work at all. He was extremely kind and really anxious to talk to us, so he raced over to his laptop and spent a solid 2 minutes typing something into Google Translator. Then he showed me the translated result and the question was "How are you?"

I gave him a thumbs up and told him "good."

Before we departed, Ali requested to be my Facebook friend and of course I accepted. When I got home I checked out his page and saw this picture with a caption in French that roughly translates to: "Shit's hard, man." 

Indeed, it is.