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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Q & A

Question: Let's say I'm too lazy to walk to my garbage can and/or I find it more gangsta to carelessly throw a small piece of trash out of my fifth floor window. That's OK because it will burn up in the earth's atmosphere before it hits the ground. Right? 

Answer: (as I experienced the other day) Holy shit. What the hell was that?! Can I still see out of my right eye? I really don't think so. What type of asshole would throw a tiny piece of plastic from his balcony? How did this piece even manage to land between my glasses and eyeball. OK my vision is starting to come back. I guess the earth's atmosphere doesn't disintegrate stuff at this level. So I think the answer to my initial question is, No... Unless that nearly blinding piece of plastic came from the fourth floor or lower, then I'll never know.