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Friday, September 14, 2012

Correfoc-ing With Ninny

A while back my friend told me that during Barcelona’s Merce festival people run down the streets with massive sparklers while non fire-covered-pedestrians try to tackle the fire runners. 

My friend greatly exaggerates a lot, but I figured that even if 30% of that was true, I should try to convince some of my friends to come out here because in the United States we’re deprived of parades of fire. 

Unfortunately there’s no Bolt Bus that goes from NYC to Barcelona. Plus most my friends have real jobs and/or lives. 

Fortunately my brother Ninny barely has either, so he was able to come kick it in Barcelona for a month and a half. Yet somehow he booked his ticket so that he would tragically leave just before Merce. 

I was upset for him, for me, and for Xavier Trias. But then I learned that the neighborhood of Gracia would be having their own correfoc (fire run) while Ninny was here. 

So we checked the schedule. Fire run for kids at 8 pm. Adult fire run at 9. (I’m kinda pissed that I missed the kiddie fire run just because I wanted to see what a kiddie fire run involves. 

But the adult firerun was more insane than I could have imagined, even if the rules prohibited the tackling of fire runners. 

Good news is that my neighborhood is hosting a fire run this weekend and then next week, we’ll have another for Merce. 

I’ll let the picture describe the rest. 

I don't always fire run, but when I do, I wear a Brimley bandanna.
They don't play around.
This is Diddy in a Hype Williams video. It's also how I felt when people would spit fire bombs in the air. 
This is how I actually looked (me crouching in the left corner).
A sparkling Ninny.