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Monday, September 03, 2012

Part 17: Gijon

Not sure what this monument is for
Sarah and I set a record for messing up a meal in Gijon:

- We sat in the restaurant 30 minutes before they began serving food.
- I went to the bar to get some drinks to pass the time, I ordered 2 sidras (the typical Cantabrian drink). The waitress then laughed at me and told me to only order one bottle at a time.
- I didn’t know the proper way to pour the sidra, so I asked the bartender and she poured a small amount in one glass.
- Then I went back to the table and filled up the glass to a normal amount, the waitress and three old Spanish men came over and told us I fucked it up as you only pour a tiny amount.
- The men yelled at me 2 min later as I was sipping my sidra and not shooting it back as you were supposed to with every pour.
- Also if you didn’t pour the bottle from at least 2 feet above the glass (ensuring at least half of it splashed on your table) you got yelled at. 

So everything was kinda stressful, but the rest of the meal was great. 

Gijon Honnestly, Gijon pretty much sucks. It has little to nothing to offer and it rained the whole time we were there, yet I loved everything about it. 

I think that’s mainly because we stayed with Guillermo, gentleman who reminded me of my friend Seth. 

Guillermo is an engineer (like Seth) lived by himself (like Seth), brewed his own beer (Seth doesn't do this yet), wore a Heineken polo tucked into his jeans (maybe Seth does this?), and spent nights that he wasn’t playing organized soccer by watching soccer on TV, in the dark (just like Seth!). In true Seth fashion, while watching one game on TV, he streamed another game on his badly outdated laptop. 

In conclusion if you are homesick for Seth and you stay with Guillermo, you'll probably like Gijon. Otherwise you will not.

Gijon also has a kinda pretty blue building!