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Monday, September 10, 2012

Barcelona Barons

A few weeks ago I was pretty wiped out by a fever. My head felt like it was full of lava and when I tried to leave my house I felt like I was going to pass out. 

However the night before my friend, Betrand, told me he wanted to paint a stencil of Michael Jordan playing baseball on my neighbor's roof. And when you're a guy who has seen about 80% of Exit Through the Gift Shop and your French-born graffiti-happy friend asks you if he can paint Jordan swinging at a grenade, you don't let a little fever get in your way. 

You also don't question why he's swinging at a grenade. 

That's why I spent that night hopping across roofs, helping him hold a stencil, while he painted up MJ. 

I'd say my performance was really similar to Jordan's famed flu game, except I didn't score 38 points in an NBA finals game, I just leaped across a few roofs to help a Frenchman put up a stencil of MJ in a spot that can maybe be seen by 12 people in all of Barcelona. 

The very fact that Betrand aka MAIN (except the the A is upside in his official tags) made a Birmingham-Barons-era MJ stencil was a bit odd to me as Betrand's normal stencils consist of the Monopoly guy shooting lasers from his eyes to destroy nearby objects. Now our neighbor's roof has one of those too.

Also Betrand is not a baseball or basketball fan and his knowledge of the NBA is minimal. Oui Oui to Tony Parker and Joakim Noah, no to Boris Diaw and Mickael Pietrus (or any basketball-playing Pietrus). 

To answer Gould's question, I'm not sure he takes requests, but I'll fly him out to Phoenix to whip up a stencil of Boris Diaw in a Suns uni doing something street-arty... like eating an atomic bomb. 

Also here's my international street art debut (the shitty WPM, not the scary looking cat).