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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lute's shakey season continues

Believe it or not, the above picture is not Lute Olson's attempt to draw a straight line. It's actually a mock Richter Scale of the earthquake that shook the Haas Pavilion tonight. Early reports indicate the quake was in no way related to Weezy F. Baby.

UA edged-out a win against the DeVon Hardin-less Cal Bears, which means that if the Cats can pick up a win at Standford on Saturday Lute can keep his 19-year streak of 20 wins and his 22-year streak of 11 Pac-10 wins alive.

No game notes, but here's all you really need:

Nic Wise Moment of the Game: All these DNPs are killing the NWMOTG, so we're gonna have to throw it back to a time when he was just a young Houston hard head all about the scrilla. Today we salute the Nic Wise who rocked the black/red XIs while the rest of the team rocked white team-edition kicks. Seriously though Lute, give Nic some burn he can't be any worse than Staf from behind the arc. (Click the picture below to enlarge)

Sneaker Watch: Mustafa Shakur all-black Zoom LeBron IV...Marcus Williams, Patrick Christopher and Jerome Randle white/grey Air Jordan XX2 (I'm thinking about investing in an HD-TV just to see if players are using the interchangeable double stack zoom air or the encapsulated air cushioning system).

UA alum in attendance: ABC's Tom Tolbert, which provoked the following conversation:
My roommate: Is that Fred Durst?
Me: No, but it's one of the few humans in the world on his level of douchiness.

Randomness: Best take on the entire Lute Olson situation...OK, this is the most random art ever...This just sucks...K-Mart has had my respect since he told the Nuggets announcer to introduce him with his JuCo and not Cincy after Cincy dropped Bobby Huggins, dude's a pimp.