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Friday, March 23, 2007

The only game that matters Vol. Make it rain

And now the third and final chapter of the 'Where's P-Mac' recap of Oregon's run to the Pac-10 title.

I really hate USC fans. The stupid ass "victory" sign, which is called a peace sign in the rest of the nation. The horrible "We are. SC" chants. They just really suck. However I will give props to the 'SC fan who was rocking a customized authentic Miami Heat Harold Miner jersey.
16:15 Aaron Brooks drills a 3 from about 5 feet behind the arc to tie it up at 7.
13:00 Tajuan a.k.a. TP3 a.k.a T-Po a.k.a. Smack your favorite point guard hits his first 3 to put the Ducks up 15-7.
If your son is playing in the Pac-10 Championship game in his senior year after being considered one of the best point guards in a point guard-rich conference you show up to the game early right. Not if your Aaron Brooks' family who arrives at the Staples Center at the 10-minute mark in the first half.
9:30 Lodrick Stewart, who I was calling L Rod Hubbard throughout the Tourney, throws down a dunk of an alley-oop.
Halftime: 37-24, Ducks. All is silent in the Stapler as the 'SC fans have been completely taken out of it.
17:35 Bryce Taylor comes alive in the final game and hits a 3 to put the Ducks up big, 45-24.
15:45 Joevan has another dirty crossover and he trudges his way to the basket for the ugliest lay-up of all time, but it still goes in.
14:15 Tajuan's the shit, nah, nah, he's sewerage. Either way another 3-ball puts the Ducks up 52-30.
11:08 Aaron Brooks buries a 3 from the corner to double the Trojans score 64-32. Unforgivable.
The Ducks band plays the theme of "Ducktales." Much respect.
The Ducks sub in everybody on their bench but the trainers. Who the hell would have thought Ray Schaefer would have played in the Pac-10 Championship game against USC.
Bryce Taylor finishes with 32 on 11-11 from the field, including 7-7 from beyond the arc.
Maarty Leunen's entire family (pictured below) is crying tears of joy. All is right in the world.
Ducks win 81-57. Time for the hoes.
Tajuan Porter Moment of the game sponsored by Nic Wise: The man won Pac-10 Tourney MVP. As a freshman. What's more gangsta than that?

Sneaker Watch: Adrian Stelly rocked his black/white Air Jordan XVs, which I found out he got from OSU way back in the day for like $25 according to his boy. Champ Oguchi was rocking something ridiculous with yellow laces, no clue what they were.