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Friday, March 23, 2007

The only game that matters Vol. Show me my opponent

OK, so this is a pic from the NCAA tourney, but the XVIIs needed their love

Wow. I just realized I am posting these notes from a game that happened two weeks ago tomorrow. Sorry blogosphere, it won't happen again, I swear.

Anyways here are the game notes from Oregon versus Cal in the semi-finals of the Pac-10 Tourny.

  • 17:50 Tajuan is flier than a pelican, he wets his first three 6-2, Ducks.
  • 16:50 Tajuan is sicker than the third floor on hospitals and he pulls up from deep on a fast break! wet.
  • 13:31 TP3 is colder than the motherfuckin' north pole and he burries another trey. In the words of Knocturnal (who may be hanging out with Paul McPherson some where) Super ugly 18-9, Ducks.
  • 12:40 Tajuan proves he's human misses a trey.
  • Cal's band plays Kansas' "Carry on my wayward son." Incredible.
  • 4:49 Joevan "Stay Fresh" Catron crosses over some big white dude, who wasn't half as fresh as him, forcing the man to fall on his ass. He then gets fouled and hits two from the line.
  • 1:47 42-21 After Aaron Brooks hits a tough lay-up. The wanna-be $hamrock in front of me yells "That's my boy." No fake $ham, he's not.
  • :04 Aaron Brooks drives left throws up an off-balance double-pump jumper. Net. 44-23, Ducks going into the half.
  • Holy shit. The Oregon band just played Phil Collins' "Easy lover." Easily one of the top-5 songs of all time.
  • 14:13 AB hits TP3 at the top of the arc. Dinero. He gets dough boy. 49-35, Ducks.
  • I always assumed that Zona's dog-ho cheerleaders were representative of the whole Pac-10. What hot chick is going to want to wake up at 6 a.m. every morning to practice. However, after seeing all the other Pac-10 cheerleaders I realized Arizona is the only school with beat cheerleaders. What is this?
  • Cal's band plays Journey's "Small town girl"
  • 2:20 Tajuan is mad nuts. How am I gonna add up all these 3s. He hits back-to-back triples. 74-58, Ducks.
  • Final: 81-63

Tajuan Porter Moment of the Game sponsored by Nic Wise:
Chomp. Chomp. Show me my opponent. Way to take a page of out of Weezy's book Tajuan.