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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Things that are dope

1. This video:

Kanye's old-ass cousin a.k.a. Wise Kanye rocking the Jordan V's with a suit. Dope. A dead bear mouthing the words to "Throw some D's." Dope. The old broad signing the lyrics. Dope. The whole puppet show theme. Dope.

2. Jay-Z caking $204 million off Rocawear. Dope. In cash! Doper.

3. Rich Boy's self-tittled debut album. Surprisingly Dope. Polow Da Don did a real nice job on the production and Rich Boy's Mobile accent is fun for children of all ages. Guest appearances by David Banner and John Legend!! are dope. It's been out for a while, but the album includes the remix of "Throw some D's" with the odd squad of Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee (where the hell have you been?!) and The Game.

There are about 800 quotable lines on the album, but these are my favorite so far off a quick run through of the cd.

"If you're sucking my dick
you better swallow that shit
you young bitch
n*ggas still runnin they mouth... [sound of gun shots]"
---Touch that ass

"I’m Murphy Lee please tell your sexy little sister (I’ll call)
Last time she ask me for some money I was (Hell to the Naw )
But now I’m rich and she can get it
See these D’s match my fitted, My paint is Banana Splitted
Inside is totally ign’t, Outside is totally kiddin’
To be specific it's wicked, how them dirty boys get it
Dat Buick Regal (done did it)
My Montecarlo (‘s terrific)
That El Dorado (got switches)
Shamicka an’ them (I done hit it)
That 20 mill (I done spent it)
That house on the hill (I live it man)"
---Murphy Lee on the remix

Rich I owe you an apology, your music is actually brilliant.