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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So who edits Gil's blog?

A little vacation in New York has further delayed the Pac-10 Tourney recap. Don't fret, it'll get posted eventually. However, DeShawn Stevenson gets some 'Where's P-Mac' love for this gem taken from Agent Zero's NBA.com blog.

Message for Mister 50
I want to clear something up, because there is some confusion with me and DeShawn’s antics. When I do my hands after I shoot, when I shake them, what that means is it’s cooking. It’s hot. That’s what that means. I’m frying them.

When DeShawn does his hand over his face, it’s not Tony Yayo. It means, “I can’t feel my face,” from Lil Wayne.

It means he’s on fire in some sort of silly way.

If "I can't feel my face" just means that DeShawn is on a hot streak, from now on I will assume Young Jeezy really likes building snowmen, Jay-Z is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Baby has a deep fascination with birds, Beanie Sigel just likes playing Tetris and Ghostface is a fisherman.


kidAlaura said...

guess who??? hahahahhahahhaha.