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Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm boycotting Gatorade

Don't ask how this pic of Jim Jones is germane to this post.

OK. The Ducks lost. Where's P-Mac's last great source of content is on ice until next season. I'll try and keep the following brief and more biased than Len.
  • The CBS announcer who is not James Brown says, "He has a nice package down low." in reference to Malik Hairston's game. I love the way random package jokes will always be funny.
  • Ray Schaefer gets burn early on. Damn, this doesn't bode well for the Ducks.
  • Lee Humphrey hits a trey so nicely it tears the net off the rim. It takes the maintenance crew approximately three hours to fix this and CBS has no idea what to do since they cannot go to a media time out for nine seconds. Keep in mind that if Tajuan Porter tore the net off the rim with a 3-pointer I would have rambled on for 2,000 words about him being the greatest human being west of Lil Wayne. However, since the white John Amaechi known as Lee Humphry did it. I will underplay it with, that was pretty cool, I guess.
  • At the half Oregon is down 38-40, which isn't too bad considering Tajuan can't find his shot and the Ducks are 3/10 from beyond the arc compared to Florida which is 7/14.
  • The brilliant CBS announcer drops, "The ducks refuse to fly away." How long you been sitting on that one?
  • Malik fouls out. Pretty much everyone on the Ducks has at least 4 fouls or so it seams.
  • Those Diet Coke commercials where the two douche bags want to sue Coke are the worst thing to happen to TV since CBS. The fact that Coca-cola blatantly abuses Sacha Baron Cohen's style of bizarre-interview comedy should never be forgotten by the general public. Fuck you Coke. Fuck you.
  • Because this is a March Madness basketball game, the Ducks keep it close throughout despite Tajuan missing everything he puts up and the Ducks being out-rebounded by 156,239. I'm actually pretty sure that CBS pays each school money to keep the games close. I mean how else can you explain Champ Oguchi a.k.a. Dat-nig-oguchi (his screen name, not my words) hitting a 3-pointer with a minute left.
  • Tajuan doesn't hit a 3 until the 43-second mark. He finishes with 10 points hitting only 2-10 from deep.
  • The Ducks lose 85-77. Fuck.
Tajuan Porter Moment of the Game sponsored by Nic Wise: It seems like CBS went out of their way to zoom in on Tajuan's ear multiple times. Why? I have no clue. I'd still rather watch an hour long still shot of T-Po's left ear than any other CBS programing though. How is this the TPMOTGSBNW? I have no fucking clue. I just pissed the Ducks lost and I hate CBS.

Sneaker Watch: Nothing really new, a few nice AF25s. Nothing spectacular.

Random Silly Pictures of Coach Kent: