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Sunday, February 25, 2007

En media res

I really didn't plan doing shit with this blog until I could figure out how to get a g'd up banner for the top of the page. But I couldn't sit back and watch Aaron Brooks kill at will and not give the man his respect. Right as I awoke from my Saturday night nap, I wake up to AB cutting through three Huskies then throw in a lay-up over his shoulder, chasing that feat of greatness with a deep three and then I seeTajuan Porter clank a three from about 54 feet. Classic 2007 Oregon basketball. Props to the newest member of the Blazers, ex-duck Freddy Jones being at the game, even more props to the white/green XV's in the pic above.

  • 11:06 Adrian Oliver jinxes the return of 'Where's P-Mac' with a three to put the Huskies up, 65-64.
  • ???? FSN goes clockless and Joevan 'Stay Fresh' Catron goes unconscious, ripping the ball on the defensive end before weaving through defenders and going behind his back before giving the rock up.
  • Tajuan Porter draws the defender way behind the arc, misses the shot but gets the foul. He hits all 3 FT attempts, 69-65 Ducks.
  • Father of the year award goes to the man who dressed his son in a black Joey Heisman Ducks jersey and introduced the boy at a young age to The Pit. Best parenting ever.
  • 8:40 AB gets two at the line to put the ducks up six, 71-65.
  • 7:20 Tajuan in transition pulls up for a long 3. No dice.
  • 7:01 Tajuan follows the miss with a behind-the-back pass on the break to Malik Hairston.
  • 5:19 Ducks go up nine, 80-71, after Tajuan connects on a corner three-ball.
  • FSN flashes a stat that Tajuan is just two 3-Pt FGs away from the Jason Kapono record of 82, I fully expect Tajuan to break that in the next 30 seconds.
  • 4:37 Quincy Pondexter hits crazy lay up while being fouled by Brooks. I'm still real pissed that Quincy is not Cappie's brother, being the big Cappie Pondexter fan that I claim to be. It's noted that Quincy has between 100-150 sneakers, if his chest didn't read 'Washington,' I would respect this man greatly.
  • They flash the ASU highlight of the fans rushing the court after winning their first game in what was an 0-15 Pac-10 season. I can't even make a joke there, ASU rushed the court for their first Pac-10 win in FUCKING February.
  • The ducks coast to a victory leading by seven for the final four minutes of the game. 93-85.
    • Line of the night: Aaron Brooks 30 on 10-14 shooting, 6 boards, 5 dimes, 4 steals and only 2 turnovers.
    • Tajuan only had six 3-pt attempts?
Nic Wise moment of the Game: I can't even imagine what Nic Wise does on the weekends but it's probably not even acceptable to be published on the Internet.

Sneaker Watch: If the ever was any criticism about Oregon basketball it would have to be their weak kick game with their white jerseys. Generic team edition shoes, you can do better than that. Although I'm pretty sure Aaron Brooks was rocking some white/green Jordan B'Loyals.

Question of the night: My friend Andy calling to ask if you take Brooks or Durant with the No. 1 pick in the draft. No brainer, Brooks.