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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Digger Phelps really isn't that cool

I really do not understand the allure of ESPN's College Gameday. It amazes me week in and week out that students will go to their stadium several hours in advance to cheer for ESPN analysts. This morning I woke up, immediately flicked on the tube to begin the dumbing down of my day and was greeted by five lame analysts with thousands of screaming Kentucky fans behind them. These fans were all going crazy a good 10 hours before the game even started.
This lead to ask myself a few questions: Do they stand in the arena for the entire 10+ hours waiting for the game? Do they realize they are cheering for analysts who are making millions of dollars off players who don't (legally) see a dime for their efforts? I love the NBA, a lot, but I would never dedicate any time of my life to cheer for ESPN's Tim Legler, Greg Anthony or Fred Carter. I wouldn't even cheer for EJ, The Jet, and Charles and they produce the best sports show on television period.
The fans bring out 10 million signs so their parents/friends at home can easily find them on TV. I really don't understand the fan who brought huge cardboard hands that kind-of formed the ROC and had a big UK on them. Also it was fantastic when Digger Phelps rewarded the Kentucky faithful by referring to them as the Florida student body. I understand it is No. 1 Florida coming into your house and it is the No. 1 vs. No. 2 SEC teams squaring off, but still 12+ hours in a stadium. Maybe it's just my ignorance from living in the Southwest all my life and not understanding the magnitude of sports south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Rant #2:
I have the utmost respect for hardcore fans, but I will never understand people who will go all out just to be on TV for a millisecond. One of the elements of sporting events that I absolutely hate are the people who will go from calm to crazy just because a camera is put in their face. I understand it would look weird on TV to show some mellowed out fans. However, if it's any more than 30 minutes before the game and any station throws a camera in my face, I'm sitting there chilling. I don't care how I look on TV for my one second of fame.