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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tyrus Thomas doesn't care about dunk contests

"I'm just going to go out there, get my check and call it a day."

"I'm just into the free money. That's it. I'll just do whatever when I get out there."

--2007 dunk contest participant Tyrus Thomas
The above quotes which confirmed my suspicion that Tyrus Thomas doesn't care about dunking came from here. The tragic part is that now the most Thomas can make is $6,125 for two minutes of work. It's another sad, sad day for the dunk contest. Judging from the press release it is no longer the "Rising stars" slam dunk contest meaning it's open to anyone. I know that Kobe, LeBron and Vince are all above the dunk contest, but did the NBA even ask J.R. Smith, Freddy Jones or Ricky Davis to participate. I'm sure these guys would rather be remembered for being a great dunker than, well, nothing. I understand Iguodala not wanting to be in after being jacked last year, but still there have to be more than four people who want to be in the dunk contest.
Yes, you should expect me to bitch about the dunk contest for the next 11 days.


Max Airington said...

First? Kidding. I like your blog. Well written & good topics. Wish I went to Zona. I found it thru Slamonline. You should check me out sometime.

Keep it up.