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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mucho Baloncesto

Intramural ball, Washington State at Arizona, Cleveland at Miami, Oregon at UCLA, San Antonio at Phoenix. That's a hell of a lot of basketball, here's the recaps.

Arizona vs. Washington State
There's no 'Where's P-Mac' of tonight's Arizona versus Washington State game. I decided to take a break from Zona ball after dedicating over nine hours to the UNC massacre. Actually, I would have gone to tonight's game if intramural basketball wasn't scheduled for the same time. Turns out I didn't miss much. Just new career lows for the Lute Olson era of Arizona basketball. This makes two consecutive years of fucked up basketball for UA, coincidentally the first two years I've been at UA. At least last year we could put the blame on Chris Rodgers' insanity and Hassan Adams' DUI completely killing the team chemistry. This year was supposed to be much different. Everybody loved each other, no one was afraid to take a shot. Chase was supposed to return UA to being a threat from beyond the arc. Staf was going to finally get his degree from Point Guard U. Where did it all go wrong. Every one's here and healthy, except for Kirk Walters who would have helped but not made that big a difference. Bret Brielmaier missed a few games and his presence was missed inside, but it still isn't enough to explain the current skid. Since the 12-game winning streak was broken in Pullman, UA has lost six of its past eight games. Arizona has dropped to 14-7 and 5-5 in Pac-10 play. I just prey Jerryd Bayless can Carmelo his way to a championship so I can flip over a few cars while rioting on Fourth Avenue.

Fortunately my superficial heart will love the Cats as long as they maintain the best kicks in the Pac-10. Honestly, after playing every team in the Pac-10 I can say we have the most legit collection. Tonight at least we went out in style with Staf and Marcus both bringing out fresh pairs of Jordan Retro Vs, fire-reds and flint greys, respectively. All photographers (UA SID, AZ Daily Star, Cisco, Daily Wildcat) please step your game up and get some full body pics so I can post some pics here. I'm still trying to figure out what Jawann has been wearing and if anybody has any clue please let me know. Thanks to the Arizona Daily Star for the pic.

**Update ESPN.com came through with these pics

I only got to see the second half of the game so I missed Nic Wise's five minutes in the first half and according to the box score his only stat was a missed 3-pointer. I'm sure it was a real gangsta miss though.

Final 66-72

Cleveland vs. Miami
I only caught the final few seconds of this game because it was on the same time as the Cats game. LeBron choked on a few free-throws, accidentally clotheslined Dwayne Wade, got a lucky bounce on a 3, missed the chance to tie the game and lost 89-92.

Oregon vs. UCLA
I didn't see much of this game because dinner got in the way and it was on the same time as the Suns' game. Oregon lost 57-69. Props to Adrian Stelly on another great DNP.

San Antonio vs. Phoenix
I only watched parts of this game for one reason or another. Even though I have to root against him, Manu Ginobli is one of the coolest dudes in the league. I love watching this dude play, even if he knees Amaré in the balls. Suns ended up winning their 18th first game in a row. Fuck KG. TNT's analysis is best sports analysis on television. Easily the most entertaining as well, I can't wait for the Dick Bavetta vs. Charles Barkely showdown at all-star weekend.