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Thursday, February 08, 2007

More tales from the crib

No. 24 Arizona in Oregon's version of Tucson, aka Corvallis, home of Oregon State University. We should have killed this team since, they are just ahead of the still-defeated ASU in the Pac-10 and they have lost their past six games. Unfortunately it was close throughout and we only beat the now 9-16 OSU squad by six. Here's a few brief notes.
  • 19:40 20 seconds into the game Staf gets his first turnover. It's a good thing I'm not a betting man because I would have taken the over on whether Staf could record a turnover in 30 seconds.
  • 19:14 Chase hits a jumper and the lame announcer says, "Chase with a long deuce." I don't know, maybe I'm just more immature than I think.
  • 17.:18 Marcus Williams gets a quick bucket off a Staf assist. I really can't say enough how smooth and effortless Williams' shots are.
  • 15:14 OSU's Wesley Washington rips Staf then gets an easy dunk.
  • 14:30 "Shakur makes a nifty little move in the air but was a little indecisive," the lame announcer says. If FSN wanted to save some money they could drop one announcer, put this clip on a soundboard and play it every time Staf has the ball.
  • 14:03 Marcel Jones give OSU its first lead, 11-9.
  • 12:58 Williams strokes a three to put the Cats back up, 14-11, and give Williams his seventh point of the night.
  • ????: FSN goes a long stretch of the game with clock and just the words "1st Half." Jawann misses a trey, Wililams grabs a tough board and beasts his way inside for a bucket and the foul. No good on the FT, but still 24-21, Cats.
  • ????: Angelo Tsagarakis hits a 3 to make it 26 all.
  • ????: Jawann gets a nice two-handed dunk to put the Cats up 28-30.
  • I start to get bored with the game so I watch it while surfing ol' web.
  • Not so quick on Borat 2.
  • I can't wait for this magazine.
  • With an 8-point run the Cats close out the first half on top, 36-28.
    • Sasa Cuic leads all scorers with 13, Williams is second with 11 points.
    • Staf has 0 points, 3 dimes, 3 steals, 3 turnovers.
  • 19:30 I shout ouf "Fuck you Staf!" after he misses a break-away two-handed dunk. He gets the eventual bucket but still I'm still counting down to the Jerryd Bayless era.
  • "A conscious n**** that'll mac like Steve Jobs" - The C-O-double-M-O-to-the-N. Just off "A Dream" and "Southside" I am so fucking excited for Finding Forever.
  • Fast forward through the Taye Diggs (I think) and Reggie Bush nonsense to start.

  • 18:30 Williams buries another long 3, 41-30 Cats.
  • 17.45 Radenovic''s (I just realized he technically has the Donte' Stallworth-thing thing on) inability to handle a ball in the paint leads to another turnover and an OSU fastbreak bucket.
  • 16:37 Cuic hits another 3, 43-37 Cats.
  • 15.15 Cuic with another 3 to bring OSU within 3, 45-42.
  • 14.40 josh Tarver ties it up with a 3 off a Cuic assist.
  • 14.20 Radenovic' hits a long 2 to put the Cats back up, 47-45.
  • 12.09 Jawann finds Jordan Hill underneath for a dunk, 52-49.
  • I wake up and it's 2:30 in the morning. Damn intramural basketball for knocking me out in the middle of a Cats game. I turn off the TV, hope the Cats won, rollover and go back to bed.
  • Cats won by six, 72-66. Here's the boxscore for those who care.
    • I actually have to give it up to Radenovic' for hitting 13-16 FT to make himself the second leading scorer, 19, behind Williams, 23.
    • Chase only had four points and we still won.
Nic Wise Moment of the Game: Lute didn't even play Daniel Dillon, so Nic Wise didn't have a chance of getting in the game, which goes to show how much Zona sucks that we cannot blow out the second to worst team in the Pac-10. The Nic Wise Moment of the Game is tough when he logs a DNP, but he sure does make sitting on the bench look cool, I may give myself a DNP in my next intramural game to be just like him.

Sneaker Watch: Nothing really new, except that I finally figured out that Jawann has been rocking Nike Air Flight 89s, as seen below.