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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I hate Nate Robinson and so should you

ASG dunk contest participants were announced today and 3/4 of them suck. Honestly the only one I'm excited to see is Gerald "The Shocker" Green. Anyone who throws down a tomahawk alley-oop when your team is up 12 with five seconds to go is Capo-status to me. Actually the dude's whole YouTube catalog is worth checking out. Amaré with the creativity of Steve Nash was barely entertaining, there is no way Dwight Howard will do anything exciting at all. I'm still pissed at Nate Robinson for robbing Andre Iguodala last year, so fuck him and any dunk he completes on his 15th attempt. I don't really know much about Tyrus Thomas, so he has the potential to surprise me, but I would think I would have seen him on at least one Sportscenter Top 10 this seaon. I miss the days when 10 guys would compete in the competition, hell I'd settle for six guys.

So far Nike has already been on point with its commercial game with the "Second coming." I can't even imagine the greatness of this video if Nike paid anybody outside of the DIP. Aye!

Also if you love Just Blaze that much it's a requisite to watch the following:

While I'm promoting over-promoted gear, here is another sick Nike video that I don't think has made its way to the States yet. I feel like I should know some of the people besides LBJ, KB24, Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney, and Roger Federer. Major points go anyone who knows the names of the Kenyans.