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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cats, snakes, chickens, ducks, elderly people and twerkers I presents to you...Round II

The rematch. No. 13 Oregon hosting No. 24 Arizona in a Coaches vs. Cancer game where both coaches are sporting the Larry David look and wearing sneakers with dress pants. I've decided that before I die I need to sit amongst the Pit Crew in the McArthur Court, it's like the Zona Zoo, except much bigger and with energy. Also random props to Gonzaga's Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis for being pulled over with marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms. Some notes from the afternoon.
  • 17.10 Jordan Hill gets his first block of the game, Chase is starting a cold missing all three of his first 3-ball attempts.
  • 15.28 Tajuan "I've never seen a 3 I didn't like" Porter already has two misses from NBA plus five feet 3-point land. It's 9-4, Cats, after a 7-0 UA run.
  • 14:25 Marcus Williams does not miss from the elbow. Ever. 11-4 Cats.
  • 12:35 Maarty Leunen hits a 3 to put the Ducks up 14-13.
  • 11:48 Tajuan buries a stupid-long 3-pointer, 17-15 Ducks. Lute doesn't even wait for the media time out and calls one himself.
  • Joey Harrington, Ahmad Rashad aka Bobby Moore and God himself, Phil Knight are all sitting courtside supporting their team.
  • 5:20 A Bryce Taylor dunk makes it 25-23, Ducks.
  • 4:40 Tajuan jacks up his 237th 3-pointer of the game from about 40 feet out and draws straight air. Bryce Taylor follows up the disaster with a dunk with the foul.28-23 Ducks.
  • 4:00 Mitch Platt goes up for a fastbreak lay-up and gets swatted by Shakur. For as much shit as I give Staf, nobody in the Pac-10 can fuck with his transition defense.
  • 3:21 Radenovic misses a lay-up and The Pit chants "USA USA USA." I've never been more impressed with a college, I log online and begin to fill out transfer papers.
  • :50 Bryce Taylor hits a 3 from dead center to put the Ducks up 10 36-26.
  • 2.7 Jordan Hill launches an inbound pass a full 94 feet to nobody. Ducks ball underneath their own hoop.
  • 2.7 Aaron Brookes finds Bryce Taylor for an easy lay-up 38-28, Ducks at the half.
    • 3-pt FG UA 1-7 ORE 5-12
    • Chase leads the Cats with 13 on 6-10 shooting.
    • Bryce Taylor has 14, shooting 6-9.
    • Maarty Leunen has 10 connecting on 2-3 of his 3's. Also worth noting is that he is not foreign, despite being a big white guy who can hit a 3. One of the brilliant ABC announcers keeps alluding to his European upbringing despite the fact that he was born in Washington, according to Oregon's athletics web site.
  • 17.55 After threes from Chase and Marcus the Cats trail by 2, 38-40.
  • 15.03 Oregon gets up 9, 47-38, after a Leuen 3 and shitty Cats turnovers. Staf gets angry and does what he does best. He drives right side throws up a bullshit shot and eventually draws a foul. He hits one of his two attempts after being bombarded with chants of "Urkel."
  • 14.09 Chamberlain Oguchi misses an open lay-up, grabs his own board and steps out of bounds. Well done Champ, well done. 47-42, Ducks.
  • The Pit begins chants of "Chase is ugly."
  • 12.15 Joevan Catron should stick to slanging customized Nikes and Tims. Catron turns it over, then has Chase rebound a Jawaan miss over him and put the ball back. Catron gets out-rebounded on the block by Radenovic! and then fouled the ol' Serbian. At the end of it all it's 51-52, Ducks.
  • It's noted that Malik Hairston only considered Nike schools when picking colleges. I cry tears of pride for the man I've never met in my life.
  • 8.22 Tajuan pulls up from 20 to hit a 3-pointer on 2 on none fastbreak. Ruthless. 64-55, Ducks.
  • 4.44 Jawann gets his first 3 of the game, 64-66, Ducks.
  • 3.52 Chase hits a jumper to tie it at 66 all.
  • 3.15 A Marcus Williams hook give the Cats their first lead in a very long time 68-66.
  • 2.23 Aaron Brookes continues his off-week with an airball. Chase grabs the rebound, throws a gorgeous outlet to Marcus Williams who gets a tough bucket and a foul. He misses the and-1 but steals the ball back to find Chase for a 3 to make it a five point posession.
  • 1.39 Malik Hairston responds with a three, 69-73, Cats.
  • 1.00 With a minute left Tajuan jacks up and misses another retardedly long 3 completely out of the sync of any offense. I love it.
  • :59 Aaron Brookes is now rocking a band-aid on his face á la Nelly. He connects on a purr of free throws to pull the Ducks to within two, 73-71.
  • 22.2 Tajuan buries a 3 from the corner to put the Ducks on top 74-73.
  • Ernie Kent is down for the count after being bull-dozed by a ref. He gets back up because he is as much a soldier as he is an unloyal husband.
  • Enter the takeover of the 'Where's P-Mac' anti-heroes.
  • 6.0 Ivan motherfucking Radenovic actually hits a tough shot to put the Cats up 75-74.
  • 2.9 Staf takes a charge on Aaron Brookes to get the ball back to the Cats.
  • Chase hits both attempts on a one and one.
  • The ball is inbounded to Tajuan who turns it over before he can jack up a shot. Game over. Cats win 77-74.
Nic Wise Moment of the Game: I'm going to have to rely on my mind reading skills for today's NWMOTG. Today's moment is when Nic walked off the court and thought to himself, "Why the fuck am I even going to my classes," after not logging a minute in the second straight game. Nic you gotta do what you gotta do. Even if that means you have to start boycotting classes again to send a message to the team.

Sneaker Watch: The coaches wasted their opportunity and wore running shoes. Come on Coach Kent, you have a great shoe-customizer on your bench, don't let all that potential go to waste....Marcus Williams black/silver Air Jordan Retro V (below)...Nothing else too exciting, at least from what I could tell from my 20'' television.