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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey Champ, tell J.P. I said, "What's up"

Some blogs run gratuitous pictures of Scarlett Johansson, I stay with The Capo.

Ok, so this blog has been pretty inconsistent since Tajuan left the hardwood and returned to his...well where ever sick 5'6'' point guards from the Motor City who have strange abscesses on their ear and win Pac-10 Tourney MVP awards as a freshman go.
I guess I figured that since StartSnitching could take a week off, then I could just let my blog chill. Unfortunately Where's P-Mac won't be charged with the racial madness of StartSnitching, it'll just be filled with Where's P-Mac approved shit.

First order of business, which I'm four days late on, is Chamberlain Oguchi a.k.a. Champ a.k.a. DatNigOguchi leaving the great basketball powerhouse/academy/place where Freddy Jones honed his skills, that is the University of Oregon.

The biggest question regarding this sudden transfer of the would-be senior is: Do I keep this dude on my buddy list? I mean never ever planned on talking to him and he's part of a few select random athletes on my buddy list that are up there simply because I like saying shit like, "Oh hold up, datnig just signed on."

I got to give Champ some love though aside from being from H-Town (pour a little purp out for Screw) the dude killed the 2006 Pac-10 Tourney. He hit 14 3-pointers in 3 games (shout outs to college newspapers). Although I guess Tajuan does that same shit with his eyes closed and his left hand in 5 minutes now.

Also because this is a blog I'd like to cite message board rumors as credible sources. According to the UOPitCrew.com message board: "He and (Coach) Kent had a major falling out earlier in the year."

Another rumor I'd like to perpetuate is that which reader Kevin Hurless sent in, "My roommate talked to a guy on the team, I guess Champ and Maarty hate each other and that factored in to his decision."

If I'm from Houston and some big white dude from Redmond, Oregon getting more burn than me, despite the fact that I'm shooting a stellar 31.9 percent from deep, and completely incapable of handling the ball or creating a shot, than I'm getting my ass off the team too.

Peace Champ, enjoy spending some quality time in your local Y with J.P. Prince.

Cosa segunda: This Jimmy Kimmel post from wwtdd.com is definitely worth five minutes of your time, but I'm guessing if you're reading this you probably have more than five minutes on your hands.

Numero tres: I'm not gonna talk about Pacman because that's on evey other blog, but I will talk about the Gilbert's tragic injury. Again something that happened a week ago, but it really needed to be brought up here, because well Gil IS Arizona Basketball, back when that meant something other than "No officer. I haven't had any drinks tonight. Yes I'm sure."
At least Agent Zero's blog is still funny as fuck.
I told them to cut the leg off a couple times. You know, cut it off and then bring it back to me when it was all healed. Because, you know, Heather Mills on Dancing with the Stars, she had that leg. I was saying I could borrow one of those and finish out the season. But they wasn’t going for that.


Numero cuatro: Talib Kweli somehow worked "Nappy-headed hoes like Don Imus" into a free-style. That's relatively cool, but not that great when that's one of the highlights of your show. Kweli, I love your music, but performing just isn't for you.