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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Oh, to be a D1 athlete...

Seriously if Lorenzo Mata is getting this much ass. Come on now...
*That pic was stolen from Lang Whitaker's Final Four Report. I have no clue who he stole the pic from, probably somebody from the Eagle County posse of white hoes.

  • If you missed the Wherespmac.com party, you missed out. Point blank period.
  • Aaron Brooks won the NCAA 3-point shoot-out in silence. I seriously can't find shit about it on the internet anywhere. However, my friend Andy reports that AB shot his last rack left-handed and he shot the final shot with a silly arc because he was up that much and he is that G. I found this video which cuts off before the final rack. Respect for him rocking the new XX2's.

  • Also it gives me an excuse to run this video of AB stuffing the power in the paint that is Ivan Radenovic'. At least Ivan was able to grab the rebound and connect on the easy lay-in. Oh wait....nevermind.
  • Although I missed Brooks' domination of the 3-pt shootout I did catch him going against the winner of the women's competition. Tragically AB lost, but he followed it up with this gem in the post-competition interview.
  • "This is a step down for man."
  • Props to AB for not saying some canned PR-friendly bullshit and spitting the truth. Beanie Sigel would be proud.
  • I have barely watched any college basketball just because March Madness one of the more over-hyped things in the world to me and I got real sick of hearing that Ben Howland and Jamie Dixon are BFF on every news outlet for a week straight. I'll take an NBA player in his contract year over any senior fighting for his life in the Tourney. I do really like Ohio State being a LeBron sponsored school, but I still hate Ohio State for no real reason though. Ideally both teams will lose tomorrow.
  • Oh, if the Suns do draft Joakim Noah this June I will jump ship real quick. Of course, I said the same thing after the Suns traded Steph. I'll still never forgive the franchise for trading Paul McPherson for Vinny Del Negro, who is the worst announcer of all time.
    Before Vinny announcers were afraid to ask the tough questions he always asked, "Amaré, your free throws are improving is that something you've been working on in practice?" "Shawn your shot is improving, is that something you've been working on in practice?" "Joe your defense is improving, is that something you've been working on in practice?" Fuck you Vinny.