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Friday, April 13, 2007

Should've taken notes from "Tip drill"

A bullshit rap video of the week, remember when this site used to have those. Me neither, since there hasn't been one in over a month. Where's P-Mac doesn't really fuck with any sense of time. But, let's honor the newest "star" outta St. Louis, Huey, whose "Pop, lock and drop it" has pissed me off every time I see it on TV.
  • Starting your music-video career off like Britney Spears or Good Charlotte is a genius move, because hey both of their careers are still thriving right?
  • Props for having a random Sonic waitress sitting in the classroom
  • It's so incredible that the customized cars include a Cardinals team flag on the window. I really want to see more rappers start repping their city with lame team flags on their whips. (sidenote: Phil Jackson once called Lakers fans who had the flags on their cars, "flaggots." I plan on studying Zen soon)
  • I really never have seen a rapper perform in an empty pool, if the dude was a real balla, he would have filled it with big-faced hundreds.
  • A Jibbs cameo, the bullshit rap community sticks together
  • Props for the always ghetto move of repping your single's title on a white-tee
Bullshit rap video scale:
Rims: 2/5
Bitches: 4/5 (Too many dog hoes for my liking)
Grillin the camera: 3/5
Stacks of money: 0.5/5 (You gotta do more than allude to it being in your pocket)
Cadillacs: 4/5 (Stealing a CTS while the driver is in the barber, highly gangsta)
Shots of your projects: 0/5 (Huey you are from the hood, right?)
Guns: 0/5 (Come on Huey, you don't have to be an angry white boy to bring an A-K to high school, show 'em how 'g' you really are bring a Tek to the classroom)
Drugs: 0/5 (Again this is high school,a little hand-to-hand in the hallways never hurt anyone)
Liquor: 0/5
Total score: 13.5/45 (30%)

These bullshit rap video are either regressing or I'm just picking weak ones. None of them have cracked a 50% and this one got a 30%. Huey seriously Rev. Billy Graham could have directed a more gangsta video and he's a real Reverend. I really need to man-up and start directing my own videos. I want to become the the first University of Arizona grad to produce high-profile bullshit rap videos. Are there even internships for that? Someone get at me.

Finally the pièce de résistance of a bullshit rap video post: the chopped and screwed version of the "Pop, drop and lock it"