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Friday, April 06, 2007

Purple leather pants

School has been killing the ol' semi-regular posting. Well I guess it's really a combination of school, Lost, South Park and The Office, but it sounds better if I just say school. Anyways...here is an inspirational video of Dennis Rodman wrestling with the Mailman, because 1990s basketball players in the ring is what this site is all about. Also if I ever got my hands on that "Rodzilla" t-shirt, my life would be complete.

Also Sunday marks the return of my lord and savior, Entourage. I really can't wait for that, there really is nothing better in life than Entourage as I noted here.

More cool shit: The bootleg advance of DJ Drama and Lil Wayne's "The Drought 3." Basically every line is quotable, if you're into silly rap music. The following is just an incredible intro to Weezy's rendition of "Throw some d's."
"Weezy service the combination/
an inspiration to you pussy-ass n*ggas/
I just realized y'all can't fuck with me
and you never will/
bitch-ass n*gga/
Weezy F. Baby believe that"